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Architectural Walls

Let the light in! Divide your space more elegantly with the aesthetic of architectural glass walls. Choose Teknion Altos walls, with an understated, thin-profile anodized frame, and the form and function of a completely modular wall system. Unlike drywall, Altos walls are completely reusable, and offer the same sound blocking as drywall, and integrate glass, acoustical fabric, and veneer to suit your design vision, and can even integrate furniture directly into the wall system.

Open Plan Workstations

Design your working spaces attractively and plan them efficiently. Keep your space open and modern, while providing comforts and capabilities for your people to get their work done. Let us help you choose the right line and layout for you.


Make a statement with your meeting rooms. Choose from a wide selection of formal and casual tables for meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, and side tables, Wood veneers, laminates, back painted glass, live-edge wood, custom tables. Let us help you make the right selection for your needs and vision.


Endless seating options for your working, conferencing, and lounging needs, let us help you determine what is right for you. Work comfortably, and project the right image.

Private Offices

Make the best use of your space. Offices are getting smaller; let us help you plan the most functional and attractive office suite to suit your vision.

Collaborative Areas

Office plans are getting more open, and designers are dedicating space for collaborative work. Shared workspaces provide opportunities for quick breakout sessions, and more informal touchdown spots for meetings.

File & Storage

Plan it effectively and your storage can be a seamlessly integrated part of your space. Standard filing cabinets, wardrobes and storage towers, to metal and industrial racking, let us help you plan it and pick the right finishes to suit your space.

Ergonomic Accessories

More than just comfort, ergonomics are about wellbeing. Reduce the impact on your body from office work by getting the right seating and accessories for your working style.

Furniture - 9 key trends

1. 4 generations of workers

2. Mobile Technology

3. Offices to Cubicles

4. Leed Guidelines

5. Encourage Collaboration

6. Mobile Work Strategy

7. Style not status

8. Healthy Environment

9. Lower Costs