Consumer Corporate Office, Paper Products

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This major US based company decided to keep their Mississauga based head office, but wanted a new and more modern workplace employing many of the new office trends. Britacan worked extensively with the USA based real estate group to develop and refine office standards. Once approved, Britacan replanned their existing space to reflect their new style and image. Britacan acted as PM and designer for this project. We had to create a multi-phased plan, as minimal swing space was available for the construction period. The project took approximately 2 years to complete. Their internal client satisfaction survey showed excellent results for the completed project.


Business Type: Consumer Products, Head Office

Project Size: 20,000 sq. ft.

Success: A completely revamped space with many moving parts executed to perfection by the Britacan team. The result was very high client satisfaction with the new look of the space.